Offline Test Station

For an automotive supplier based in France, we delivered three of these offline benches. Electronic control units that are built into the car were tested and programmed.


  • Measurement of internal voltages, currents and oscillators on the universal measurement system UMS1300 ME
  • Review of digital and analog devices via Boundary Scan Test
  • Communication with the candidate on test server
  • Programming via UART using the NEC flash programmer
  • 2D barcode data capture for measurement and logging type differentiation
  • Test of frequency and level of 16 audio outputs to the MCD AudioAnalyzer
  • 2 devices can be tested simultaneously

Equipment components:

Examples of Offline Test Stations:

  • Testing of electronic control units
  • Automotive components
  • GPS and navigation modules
  • Test and calibration adapter
  • Tuner-Test (TV, Radio, DAB,..)
  • EOL-Tester for devices and modules
  • etc.