Test Line for Infotainment Systems

Also in the mid-range cars high-quality infotainment systems are used more and more. This test line was developed for a large japanese manufacturer and is integrated into the production process to optimize it efficiently. Eight stationary test systems were therefore designed.


  1. Inline BSCAN / Functional Test System for Mainboards

    • Automatical testing and programming of two mainboards
    • Tests are running parallel

  2. Inline BSCAN / Functional Test System for Tuner Modules

    • BSCAN, functional test and programming of 12 DAB tuner modules simultaneously

  3. Flashing Trolley

    • Trolley for parallel programming of up to 48 DUTs
    • Asynchronous process is possible

  4. RunIn Trolley

    • Endurance testing in a climatic chamber for 48 head units (temperature range from -40° to +80°C)
    • Test of all devices and signal functions

  5. Automatic Functional Test System

    • Testing of USB, WLAN and Bluetooth components at about up to four assembled DUTs
    • Analog and digital measurements of tuner (AM, FM, DAB) and satellite reception
    • Testing of GPS and video signals, fan functions, interfaces, brightness and MOST communication
    • Free test potentials are realized and process is optimized automatically

  6. Manual Functional Test System

    • Customer-oriented device test from user view
    • Hearing test, manual DVD functional test, functional usage of the controls
    • „Electronic Manual“ supports testing person in the respective language

  7. Optical Test Stand

    • Connectors, cases, assembly, barcodes and labels are checked with camera systems

  8. Delivery Place

    • Configuration of DUTs for target application and shipping

Application examples:

  • Testing of infotainment systems
  • Functional test of components / complete devices
  • Testing of transmitting and receiving modules
  • Testing of printed circuit boards
  • Boundary Scan tests
  • etc.