EOL Test System Power Windows

Rotary table as EOL test system for testing of motor vehicle power window switches for haptic measurement (torque measurement) and electrical tests (switch resistance test). Power window switches tests are operated in the system as double testing (cycle time: 4 sec.).

A rotary table motor drive with 6-speed turntable pitch is integrated into the work station.  Inserted into the rotary table are 6 interchangeable test item fixtures. The components can be contacted pneumatically.


  • Sensor Supervised NIO Pareto discharging double belt
  • The components are contacted pneumatically (6-fold contacting in double nest occurs respectively horizontally from front 0°, horizontally from rear 180° and vertically from bottom)

Equipment components:

  • Mobil panel operating unit
  • Control of a Pareto NIO placement area with pneumatic handling system (XYZ rotation handling)
  • Control CO² laser marking incl. extraction and precaution
  • Controlling of the torque measurement
  • FMEA in design with risk assessment and risk analysis of the device
  • MSA by procedure 1 and 3
  • Imaging with integrated rumination unit
  • High-speed measurement cards with FPGA controlling

Examples of use:

  • Mechanical staggering circuit test
  • optical components testing
  • Evaluation of test results with statistical records and evaluations
  • Haptic with electrical resistance testing
  • Component marking or labeling with laser, error code, batch number
  • Automatic defective-part Handling

USB-Hub 2.0 8-Port (Installer)

Installation file for download

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Version - 07.03.2014