InCircuit Test System

MCD developed an InCircuit test system for a sensor specialist. It is a semi-automatic test station with integrated rotary table that tests assembled electronic modules such as fan controllers.


  • Pass/fail indicator through red/green light
  • Automatic “Golden Device“ procedure
  • Four test stations
  • Loading station with a 2D mini-scanner
  • ICT-Component test prior to assembly
  • Functionality test: (electrical) current balance, voltage, frequency and current measurement
  • Temperature is simulated and tested
  • Illustration and operation of the test stations are done via a touch screen monitor
  • Display and visualization through C# interface
  • Mechanical handling through PLC
  • Light barrier acts as a security device (rotary indexing table stops automatically)
  • A compressed air supply prevents the devices from overheating during the test sequence
  • A Mutex Server provides the level of communication between multiple instances of TestManager CE
  • If a device is proven to be defective, a ‘fail‘ label is printed and attached

Examples for application of InCircuit Test Systems:

  • Motor control device
  • Switch assemblies
  • Interface modules
  • etc.
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