Laser EOL Test System

A complex system used for marking of rotation angle sensors was developed and built by us. The marking laser is enclosed in a protective housing in the system. The extraction station is outside the compact laser cell.


  1. Insert/Removal station

    • Inspected sensors are inserted into a technical turntable with indexing and a 2-fold contacting position
    • Per turntable nest (4x) two sensors are tested parallel to each other
    • Manual feeding of the sensors to a double analysis and a laser station
    • Automatic feeding to an IO handling system

  2. Evaluation station

    • Two Sensor-ICs are simultaneously evaluated via the programmer

  3. Laser station

    • IO parts are lasered according to customer requirements

  4. Line up/Automatic IO handling

    • Lasered sensors are transported with the automatic handling system from the laser station to the removal station
    • Test item is brought to a quadruple line storage for IO parts
    • Each test item has a 1-Axial-Linear-System treatment method and an automatic turning unit (pneumatic) for reverse storage and is type-dependent

  5. Insert/Removal station

    • NIO handling takes place by manual removal of the test items by an operator and the release into a sensor monitored NIO parts container
    • Sensor is located in the entrance of a regular downspout
    • Container is lockable

Application examples:

  • Measurement of mechanical elements
  • Quality assessment at delivery
  • Testing of control elements
  • Force-displacement measurement
  • Final testing of various devices
  • Keypad test systems
  • etc.