Toolmonitor LIN

The Toolmonitor LIN is used to send and receive LIN frames. These can be loaded from LDF files and sent either individually or in schedules.

A special feature of this Toolmonitor is the implementation of the so-called interleaved mode. This mode allows to send diagnosis messages e.g. to a DUT while a schedule is being executed. For this purpose, all relevant answers are filtered out in the corresponding runtime of the schedule without influencing the sequence of the schedule. To make the use of the diagnostic messages as easy as possible for the user, the Toolmonitor takes care of the fragmentation into individual frames when sending a diagnostic message. When receiving, the Toolmonitor LIN automatically rebuilds the information.


  • Transmission and receipt of LIN frames
  • Loading of frames, signals, schedules, and notes from a LDF file
  • Manual addition of additional frames and signals
  • Execution of schedules
  • Transmission of individual frames
  • Transmission and evaluation of diagnostic frames
  • Diagnostic frames can be transmitted or received while a schedule is being executed
  • The Toolmonitor can act either as master or as slave
  • Simulation of slave nodes for smooth communication, if they are not physically connected
  • Editor to create and edit LDF files
  • Control of multiple LIN interfaces in a single tool

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Toolmonitor LIN

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