Universal Measurement System UMS1300 ULC

The Universal Measurement System UMS1300 ULC is a measurement system with integrated universal multiplexing. With the ULC measurement card signals can be generated and measured. It is controlled via a USB interface or an integrated PC.

ULC measurement card with

  • 6x ADW, 500 KHz
  • 4x DAW, 1 MHz
  • 4x Counters, logic analysis
  • Self-test, self calibration
  • PWM using the DAW

4x Relay 4x16 Multiplexer Channels

  • cascadable
  • readable

The system can be equipped 2-fold.

  • Function Test
  • EOL Test
  • Signal generation and analysis
  • Waveform analysis
  • Test system with integrated PC
  • Training System
  • Repair Systems
  • etc.

UMS1300 ULC / UMS1300 UTS-PC
Order number: 118897 / 119878