Toolmonitor Sherlock Vision

The Toolmonitor Sherlock Vision represents an extensive enlargement of the imaging portfolio. With the program "Sherlock Investigation" imaging projects are invested and defined before the analysis is continued in the Toolmonitor. A flexible interface with the Common Vision Blox driver by Stemmer Imaging allows the integration of different camera standards.

Using the "Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock Tools" there are a lot of visualization and processing functions within the Toolmonitor. This includes the furnishing and placing of searching sectors, definition of limits and test values and swash circuit inspection of contacts. The testing of presence, position accuracy and correct mounting of components, as well as the check of quality characteristics, symbols and LED colors is also integrated.

For third-party software, the Toolmonitor can be fully remote controlled. COM/DCOM or .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor Sherlock Vision to be integrated in a large number of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio® (C#, C++, Visual Basic),  Microsoft Office®  (e.g. Excel®), Open Office®, LabView®, MCD TestManager CE).

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Toolmonitor Sherlock Vision

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