Quality to the decimal point

Together with our customers we design test systems that ensure the quality of their products. Thus, quality and customer satisfaction is our highest priority and is the basis of our daily work.

The framework of our daily work forms our quality management, which is fulfilled by our MCD employees. Here, each employee can state his/her suggestions for improvement from his/her experience.

These are discussed and analyzed at our QM meetings. That way we continuously make improvements in order to optimize customer-oriented work processes.

In addition, two internal audits are conducted annually, in which our quality team ensures that the quality of MCD is constantly evolving. All of these procedures are reviewed by our team. Through the use of customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys and internal audits, we regularly put ourselves to the test.

This quality is certified by TÜV Süd according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

What also distinguishes our Quality

  • Years of experience -
    We have been active and successful in the market since 1983.
  • Fast Service -
    In emergencies we are on the job. In case of failure, our technicians can be there within 48-hours, regardless of location..
  • Full-Service -
    We offer everything from concept to commissioning and completion of a project and help you find solutions to your problems.
  • Dependability -
    We know the competence and performance capabilities of our products in detail. This functional safety of our products is an excellent foundation for customer-specific applications.
  • Sustainability -
    Requirements may change; therefore the usage of your measurement system should adapt to change as well. No problem for MCD: Our instruments and systems are expandable and can grow with your needs. Today in the development department, tomorrow in production.