Step Adapter

Twenty Step Adapters with associated measuring cabinets were planned and realized for this project. The special feature is the universal application of contact points on all sides.

Advantages of Step Adapters:

  • Reduced personnel costs through minimal handling
  • For multiple use, test size can be individually adapted
  • Fully automatic test system
  • Interchangeable needle beds for flexible use of test equipment
  • Loading position for single print test
  • Capable of customizing the adapter to altered device hardware can be made without modifying the basic measurement system

Step Adapter for GSM DUT:

  • Functional testing of GSM modules in conjunction with a GSM test system
  • Review all relevant GSM specifications
  • Connection analysis of memory and SIM card socket on the motherboard
  • Component test for resistors and capacitors with programmable test voltage

A typical test sequence:

  • Insert sample, close hood
  • Sample “moves“ to the contacting position
  • After testing move on to next test position (n times)
  • PCB‘s return to the loading station position
  • Tested sample is taken out

Step Adapter application examples:

  • Testing of electronic control units
  • Module production into the high frequency range
  • etc.
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