Toolmonitor Data Manager

The Toolmonitor Data Manager has been developed as an additional module for the measurement software TestManager CE. It provides a simple way to access and evaluate the measured values, which are generated in the test mode. The program can be operated self-sufficient to the TestManager CE.

Statistics and reports can be updated manually or automatically. Extensive statistics and analysis functions are available to the user.

Through the use of a powerful and fast real-time database, measurement data and response time can be evaluated at high speed. All measured values and test results can be accessed directly during the test operation.

There are extensive filter functions to choose the measured data from. The measured data can also be accessed using a SQL interface.
This allows the creation of user-specific rather than standardized queries to be evaluated.

The main statistical evaluations are:

  • Statistics of test results and the test duration
  • Error statistics (usually the quickest/distribution)
  • Statistics of the measured values  (distribution/variance)
  • Analysis of machine and process capability

Customer-specific evaluations can be added by the user. Once created, reports can be saved in project files and called upon when needed.

The program interface can be made widely available and adaptable to the user requirements. An integrated reporting module of predefined or freely configurable reports can be provided in all reports. These reports can be exported in a variety of formats (Word®, Excel®, PDF, Text, XML, HTML, etc.).

With the help of an integrated script engine, all evaluations and reports are automatically created and saved. For third-party software, the Toolmonitor can be fully remote controlled. To supply measured data and statistics on the intranet, Toolmonitor Data Manager automatically updates and exports the info as WEB reports.

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Toolmonitor Data Manager

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Toolmonitor Data Manager

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Toolmonitor Data Manager

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