TestManager Classic Edition

The TestManager is the universal standard software for application-specific measurement and test stations in the automotive and electronic industries. It is simple, modularly scalable, inexpensive and efficient.

The TestManager is a software development kit for the creation of applications for test systems. The areas of application are screening systems, board testing, final inspection and process control.

It also includes a variety of interfaces (IEEE-488, RS232, TCP/IP, CAN, LIN).

In addition, the program offers an interpreter with connections to DLLs, COM, ActiveX, .NET assemblies. Of course, the MCD TestManager is expandable for customer-specific requirements and therefore always adapts on the individual needs of the customer

Essential features are a designable graphic user interface, a variety of software and hardware interfaces with extensive test monitors and a powerful interpreter, with direct integration of external DLLs,
COM +/ActiveX-.NET - and LabView® - components.

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LabView® VI‘s can be integrated in the runtime or development environment. This allows TestManager to be utilized as a sequencer for the Labview® VI‘s. Integration takes place via the interpreter of the TestManager or simply through configuration as a component of the test sequence.

Among the software interfaces are TCP/IP, database and web interfaces. The self-explanatory MCD interpreter language is just as easily programmable as in C#, VB and Java #, without an additional development environment.

With the assistance of the type-management, test procedures for various sorts of devices and structures are summarized. Through variant creation, existing operations can be modified without requiring them to be recreated. The selection and charging processes of the sample to be tested during operation can be done automatically.

Integrated Toolmonitors are available to provide assistance during the program development cycle as well as the commissioning or troubleshooting phases. The representation of layout data and test-point coordinates, the breakdown of all communication protocols (e.g. CAN, LIN, MOST, RS232,…), the display and modification of existing switching conditions, or the signal tracking using voltage and current measurement, signal analysis, or via oscilloscopes are various examples of what can be done. In addition, an integrated debugger can view and control the test process step by step. Multiple instances of the TestManager can be intelligently managed and controlled.

Critical for the analyses to be performed are the test procedures themselves. Individual sub-tasks for the units are divided into separate test steps and then processed sequentially.
The individual test steps are then created by the application developer within the TestManager. Specific methods or modes are provided in case complex functions occur.

This is especially relative for access to connected hardware and also for linkages to external components, such as databases or the process-control engineering. By integrating .Net Frameworks and additional programming languages, the application developer has access to an almost endless number of pre-built components and tools that can be integrated into the test sequence. These components can enhance the visualization, the data exchange on the intranet, complex calculations or the integration of external components. With the help of the constructed test steps, the application developer ultimately generates a flow chart for the entire analysis. In conjunction with the sequential control of the TestManager, both individual testing as well as parallel testing of multiple samples are realized.

MCD TestManager CE (Trialversion)

Trial version for download

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MCD TestManager CE
(Software Manual)

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MCD TestManager CE
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Quick Guide Licensing

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For data acquisition, standard measurement systems from the MCD-Universal-Measurement System (MCD UMS) family are used. Different modules in Euro-format, such as digital and analog converters, multiplexers, frequency generators and counters, and many others can find their use in the MCD-UMS. The system can be configured
according to the desired requirements of the inspection task.

External instruments can be controlled serially or via IEEE 488, Ethernet, Serial or USB. With dissimilar adaptions and the above-described software concept, various tests can be performed with this system. This allows both the use and development of prototype and small batch production as well as for series production.

Software platforms

  • .NET (C#, VB, J#)
  • MCD Interpreter
  • NI LabView®, Vl‘s implementable

    • Synchronous or asynchronous request
    • Exchange of process and measurement data
    • Unlimited hardware access
    • Front panels independently represented or embedded in TestManager
    • Direct exchange between runtime and environment of development


  • Web–Interface for remote monitoring and remote control in your intranet
  • By the use of the integrated Web–Server no additional components are needed
  • User-friendly monitoring layouts in your internet browser
  • Integrated reports and report designer

Student Version

The TestManager Classic Edition is also available in student edition:

  • For school and training, not for commercial use
  • Limited features
  • Unlimited license period with PC-bound software key


The TestManager CE textbook with hands-on exercises is also available, providing step by step instructions.

Scroll now online through the textbook.

  • Inline test systems
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Automatic test system
  • Screening equipment
  • Endurance test
  • Platinum testing
  • Final testing
  • Universal test and measurement systems
  • Qualification test systems
  • Repair stations
  • Process controll
  • Analysis stations
  • Laboratory and measuring stations
  • Automation of processes
  • Test Sequencer for LabView® VI’s

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