Universal LowCost System

As part of the funding of ZIM-SOLO by the BMWi, we developed an inexpensive and handy system that is used for testing and programming of printed circuit boards, components or test samples.


  • Planning, software, and application creation is simple and easy to implement, as it allows access to many standard elements
  • Expandability
  • Very simple, straightforward system with a wide variety of options
  • The standard design contains only these components used regularly
  • Adapter and removable cartridge are inexpensive to manufacture  
  • Optimal access to needle bed for commissioning, debugging, and troubleshooting
  • Flexible multiplexing, integrated component measurement functions

Equipment components:

Examples for application of ULC systems:

  • Programming and testing of electrical boards, components and test samples
  • Functional testing of components
  • End-of-Line testing
  • Universally applicable for various requirements
  • etc.

The system is virtually maintenance free, can adapt to new requirements and calibrate itself after a given time. The integrated software TestManager Classic Edition includes intelligent features that make programming and self-adaptation of the test samples possible.