Repair Test System

Repair-, Offline- and Commissioning systems come into action wherever an inline plant is ruled out, because it is necessary to handle the test sample manually by an operator. The repair station consists of a table or rack work station with measuring and control devices and adapter with associated connection box.


  • Automatic voltage and current measurements
  • Manual voltage measurements with probes and limit value control
  • Programming of the boards
  • Communication with the test samples via RS232, Ethernet, CAN, MOST, etc.
  • Bluetooth and GPS Test
  • Audio measurements
  • Automatic transfer of test programs
  • Keyboard simulation test
  • Test of the serial input and output

Equipment components:

  • Table or rack work station
  • Universal measurement system UMS1300 ME
  • Connection box
  • Measurement software TestManager CE
  • Repair- and commissioning adapter
  • Audio Gain Controller
  • Control unit MIO1616
  • Oscilloscope with interface and measurement functions via testing software

Application examples:

  • Analysis of faulty parts in series production
  • Test adapter for devices with small numbers
  • Commissioning adapter for lab samples
  • Tester for control panel with visual verification
  • etc.

The adaption is designed as a swivel adapter. The solder side and component side are freely accessible for repairs or analysis from both sides. By inserting the removable mounting brackets, testing of PCB‘s as well as fully assembled test samples is possible. A series of test systems is also possible.