Assembly and Test Station for Mechatronic Components

To check the functions and tightness of mechatronic components automatically, this inline system was developed with an integrated assembly station for sealing rings. In cooperation with various manufacturers of subcomponents, this system has been manufactured as an end-of-line tester with the possibility to adjust two types of DUTs with the help of manually replaceable components. Additionally, it is possible to carry out a complete test sequence or to pass through a repair operation.

The inline system consists of two stations. The first station is dedicate to the tightness test and the assembly of a shaft seal. The next step is a functional test. The DUTs, which are stored on good carriers, reach both stations fully automated via a transfer belt from Stein Automation.

Through the complete test process, MCD's test software TestManager Classic Edition and the MCD Toolmonitor Data Manager are used to collect and evaluate the test data and save it in a database.


Station 1: Tightness test and assembly of a sealing ring

  • Vacuum test for the tightness test by using a differential pressure measuring device from ATEQ
  • Sealing of the DUT (depending on the type) is carried out from above via a linear axis as well as from the front or rear
  • A sorting and feeding device now supplies a sealing ring, which is pressed onto the test item shaft via a handling system
  • Re-check of the tightness and correct assembly of the sealing ring by several tightness tests

Station 2: Functional test

  • Fixing of the DUT via hold-down device
  • Contacting the DUT
  • Simulation of external stops and high-precision application of braking torque with the help of a specifically developed load machine with angle measurement and repeat accurancy of < 0.1°
  • Depending on the type of DUT, the following values are checked and evaluated:

    • Current flows
    • Torque
    • Angles
    • PWM feedback
    • Hall signal, programming and testing

Equipment components:

Country-Specific Feature: CSA Conformity

The inline system has been developed for a manufacturer of customized drive technology, which also operates in Canada. For this site, there are strict security-relevant restrictions, the CSA conformity. In order to receive this award, the system was inspected by an inspector of TüvSüd and a "Field Evaluation Service (FES)" was carried out. Despite the enormous demands, MCD was able to deliver this comprehensive system on time.