Toolmonitor ULC

The Toolmonitor for the ULC measuring card enables the operation and control of all functions provided by the measuring card.

Voltages in different ranges are provided and measured via the analog inputs and outputs. Powerful generators allow the generation of complex waveforms including different modulation methods. Input signals can be filtered and analyzed in various ways.

The graphical display can be shown in both time and frequency domain (FFT analysis). A variety of measurements can be called upon in a tabular list. Powerful digital filters can be activated for signal processing.

Digital input/output cards, multiplexers, temperature modules, counters and many other measuring cards of MCD measurement systems can be visualized and controlled. All signals and measured values can be recorded and exported in various formats. The program interface can be made widely available and adaptable to the user requirements. Once created, configurations can be saved in project files and called upon when needed. With the help of an integrated script engine, all import and export functions are performed automatically. For third-party software, the Toolmonitor can be fully remote controlled.

COM/DCOM or .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor to be integrated in a large number of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio® (C#, C++, Visual Basic), Microsoft Office® (e.g. Excel®), Open Office®, LabView®, MCD TestManager CE).

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Toolmonitor ULC

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ULC Multifunctional Card

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