Assembly and Test Station

In July 2011, a system with 3 stations for final assembly and testing of motor vehicle controls was sent to China. 1st Station - Functional Tester, 2nd station - Assembly Station, 3rd - End-of-Line Test System.


  1. Functional Tester

    • Power balance, voltage, frequency and power measurements up to 50 amps
    • 2D barcode scanner in the adapter registers and identifies the test sample once it is inserted into the adapter
    • Mechanical design of MCD PIC8IO
    • Overheating is counteracted during the testing process via a compressed air supply
    • The Mutex Server provides the level of communication between multiple instances of the TestManager CE
    • Power control via PWM control
    • Approved devices are labeled with a ‘pass‘

  2. Assembly Station

    • Housing of the fan control board is pressed together manually
    • Before pressing, the serial number is identified by a handheld scanner
    • Barcode is automatically printed and attached by the operator
    • Correct compression is checked by means of force-displacement measurement

  3. End-of-Line Test System

    • After assembly, the test sample is inserted in the End-of-Line adapter and the adapter is closed manually
    • Functional testing begins automatically
    • Current, voltage and frequency test measurements are performed here as well
    • Start-up and short-cut performance of the samples is also tested
    • Mechanical handling takes over the control of the MCD PIC8IO
    • Handheld scanner reads the barcode
    • Power control via PMW control

Application examples:

  • Functional testing of PCB‘s
  • Functional testing of end device
  • Assembly work
  • Manufacturing and test cells for different products
  • etc.