EOL Test Line for Wi-Fi Hotspots

In order for Wireless Internet Access LTE modules to be able to offer strong functionality permanently, MCD has implemented a test line for the production of these Wi-Fi modules, consisting of the following three individual mobile stations: Boundary Scan, End-of-Line and Packaging Tests.


  1. Station: Boundary Scan Functional Tester (FCT)

    • Programming of the module via USB-Connection
    • Exchangeable fixture set with two extension positions for the different sized boards of the modules
    • Boundary Scan hardware from Göpel
    • MCD Toolmonitor BSCAN acts as an intrinsically intelligent link to the BSCAN hardware
    • LED measurement with LED Analyzer for testing of colors and intensity
    • Pressing and testing the keys of controllable pneumatic cylinder
    • BSCAN software development and determination of the test coverage at MCD
    • Interface functions check by stimulation
    • Function test of the modules

  2. Station: End-of-Line Tester (EOLT)

    • Contacting the RF signals
    • GSM, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi Test
    • RF power measurement
    • RF adapter with interchangeable sets for different assemblies
    • Automatic USB- and SIM card contact
    • Examination SIM card connectors
    • Test wireless communication interface
    • Test the standby and alarm functions
    • Check the dormant currents

  3. Station: Packaging Tester

    • Light-proof adapter with universal insertion possibility for different modules
    • Image processing system with integrated lighting
    • Label printer
    • Code Card Printer
    • Printing of labels and code cards
    • Printing and equipment test via image processing
    • MCD label generator

ULC racks in general:

  • Versatile, not bound
  • ESD design, tabletop, painting
  • Addition possible for 19" rack and individual development with DIN rail modules, assemblies and other elements

Application report
WLAN testing

Download application report

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