The AudioAnalyzer is a hardware component for recording and acquisition of digital signals in the audio field. The audio signals are recorded on a sound card and put out in digital form.

The AudioAnalyzer is coupled to the computer system via USB interface. The input range extends from 10 mVrms to 50 Vrms. The generator is controllable in the range up to 15 Vrms. For input, both analog and digital signal sources are possible.

For the control of the AudioAnalyzer the Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer is used. Besides the control as a stand-alone application it is also possible to remotely control or query all the functions and values of other Windows programs. For this purpose a COMClient/server interface is used. Further important applications of the AudioAnalyzer are noise measurements on switches, gears, mechanical devices or sensors.




  • Mounted in a 1HU box
  • Available as a 19" Rack or Desktop Version, as well as with integrated PC
  • Mains supply 100 - 240 V
  • 2-channel symmetrical analog input and output
  • Input level up to 50 Vrms
  • Output level up to 15 Vrms
  • Digital electrical and optical S/PDIF input and output with maximal 192 kSps
  • Input and Output channels can be directly connected to the Input and Output channels of the MCD Audio Switch
  • 2 XLR male and female plugs each
  • Control and data transport via USB 2.0 High Speed, galvanically isolated
  • Sample-rates 44,1 kHz / 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz
  • Adaption of Audio Gain Controller of measurement signals


  • Oscilloscope
  • FFT Spectrum
  • RMS, THD
  • FREQ, PtoP
  • Generator

Input / Output

  • Analog      
  • Digital      
  • Optical      

Order Information

AudioAnalyzer (analog + digital), Rack Version
Order number: 121158

AudioAnalyzer (analog + digital), Desktop Version
Order number: 121374

AudioAnalyzer (analog + digital), integrated PC
Order number: 121372

Manual AudioAnalyzer
(Rack Version)

Download AudioAnalyzer (Rack Verison) Manual

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Manual AudioAnalyzer
(Desktop Version)

Download AudioAnalyzer (Desktop Version) Manual

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Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer

Download Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer (Trial Version)

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Version - 10.04.2014