Fully Automatic Test Lines

Various Inline Test Systems for PCB testing or for EOL tests were manufactured by us. MCD worked closely with reputable companies in the automation branch overtaking responsability for project planning, design, construction and commissioning.


  • Testing and calibration of tuner modules
  • High-frequency measurements
  • Asynchronous examination of several test samples simultaneously
  • Measurement of voltages, currents, waveforms, rise times etc.
  • Testing of GPS receivers
  • Audio and video measurements
  • Testing of Automotive MOST connections
  • In-Circuit Test of microcontrollers or other LSI chips
  • Flashing the test and application software
  • High current tests
  • Data analysis and trend analysis of the data

Equipment components:

Application examples:

  • Functional testing of PCB‘s
  • Assembly systems with integrated test
  • Test lines for high volume
  • etc.