Universal Measurement System UMS1300

The Universal Measurement System UMS1300 is a PC-controlled modular test system in 19” technology with user-oriented equipment. The programming takes place via MCD programs and through an integrated interpreter via a computer system with USB- or RS232-connection.

Equipment series

  • Cross multiplexer 32x4, expandable up to 128x8
  • Cascadable 96 channel multiplexer for component measuring
  • Multiplexer 1 of 16
  • Multiplexer 16-fold switch
  • Input card 32 channels, threshold value programmable
  • DA-converter 12 bit

    • Frequency counter 0 … 10 MHz
    • Controllable power unit
    • Bus cards with breadboard for special structures

  • Further cards are being prepared, or can be developed based on customer‘s need
  • For audio- and video measuring, separate modules are available, which can be easily combined with the UMS1300

The testing voltage for the components tests can be programmed with the DA-converter. This card also controls the UMS1300. The measuring system can be easily adapted to the respective application.


3HU, 19“ plug-in unit, 480 mm depth

Voltage supply:

120 / 230 Volt AC, 50 / 60 Hz

Current consumption:

Approx. 2 Amp.

UMS1300 Standard-set
Order number: UMS1300 Standard-set