Sensor Actuator Box

This board offers the possibility to connect different sensors and actuators with standard cables and without wiring effort. In combination with the control unit PIC8IO, a central controlling and monitoring of the connected signals is possible. Programming of logical circuits between hardware components is implemented by Toolmonitor Logic Designer.

The practical 35mm DIN rail mounting is ensured by the mounting rail TS35.

  • ST1: Sub-D connector 25-pole
  • ST2: Weco 2-pole plug-in screw terminal
  • ST3: Weco 10-pole plug-in screw terminal
  • ST4: Weco 4-pole plug-in screw terminal
  • BU1-16: Sensor actuator mounting socket 3-pole with a M8 thread
  • Mounting rail TS35
  • ST1: Connection to mechanical control unit PIC8IO via flat cable
  • ST2: Connection facility for 24 VDC supply voltage and GND
  • ST3: Connection facility for 4 DC signals for detection via ADW and provision of 1 DC signal via DAW
  • ST4: Alternative connection for sensor signals IN3 and IN4
  • BU1-16: Up to 8 sensors and 8 actuators can be connected through a 3-pole standard cable with M8 thread

Sensor Actuator Box
Order number: 119859