MCD’s top priorities are service and availability. Our service staff will accompany the projects from the beginning of the technical aspect, through to commissioning at the customer’s base and also ensure a smooth operation of our systems.

Furthermore, the service team advises our customers on the system operation and maintenance, through revisions, updated systems or individual components and supplies spare parts.

From our service center in Birkenfeld we can log into data networks of MCD systems all over the world, to detect possible causes and provide the necessary service and repair requirements quickly. This customer focus has been rewarded with top marks in surveys.

If, despite our high quality standards, the customer experiences a problem with our test systems, our service team can be on site quickly to fix the error and minimize the non-productive work time.


Our universal measurement systems (UMS) - are associated with the boards and calibrated immediately prior to delivery. The calibration equipment is of course traceable to the National Institute for Science and Technology. The calibration equipment used is documented in the calibration certificate and is traceably subject to regular inspection.

The results of the calibration are stored in a calibration certificate with a separate measuring protocol and deposited in a database. Upon request, we would be pleased to perform a recalibration at your site.