Special System Most 150 Pigtails

This is a completion of a fully automated test station for testing MOST150 Pigtails - the latest generation which is available on the market at the moment. All components required for testing were developed by us.


  • Transmitting and receiving optical power
  • Two pigtails are simultaneously tested
  • Closing of the Most-rings
  • Testing for bus lock and reading of error frames
  • Transmission of the complete MOST150 frames
  • Testing the transmission for activation of the -3 dB reduction in the DUT
  • Possibility for adjustment of the optical fiber ring using optical power meter, variable attenuators and offset compensation

Equipment components:

  • Automatic PLC controlled module for handling of the DUT
  • Industrial PC with test software TestManager CE and a tool for communication with the PLC (via control unit MIO1616) and the MOST150 master and slave
  • An optical ring contains 1 master (transmitter), a slave (receiver) with DUT (pigtail) and a light power meter

Application examples:

  • Testing of optical components, sensors, modules and components
  • Assembly and testing machines for electro-mechanical components
  • etc.