Toolmonitor CombiTest

MCD's 'Toolmonitor CombiTest' allows the integration of testing the wireless connections of many different devices. This new Toolmonitor has been specially developed for the 'Non-Signaling-Test'-sector. MCD is now able to trigger wireless testers as the 'Anritsu MT8870A' with the MCD TestManager.

WLAN, Bluetooth and Non-Signaling-Tests can be visualized and the used measurement system can be triggered. Especially parallel, asynchronous tests are at the forefront in order to perform the inspection of different modules simultaneously. All recorded signals and measured values can be exported in various formats.

The clean and uncluttered program interface is adaptable to the users' requirements. Especially the simple creation of test plans and the gradual specification of test sequences transforms this Toolmonitor into a flexible tool and causes a pleasure to use.

COM/DCOM or .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor to be integrated in a large number of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio® (C#, C++, Visual Basic), Microsoft Office® (e.g. Excel®), Open Office®, LabView®, MCD TestManager CE).

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