EOL Test System Solar Control Unit

For a very innovative customer from the solar industry, we realized a test station for the quality control of solar controls and control units.

The system checks and calibrates the positioning controllers for high efficiency solar cells in power plants. For this purpose, electric tensions are processed up to 1000 volts. A special controller continuously monitors the safety of the cells and allows no unwanted access.


  • Checking of the movement mechanisms (Tilt and rotation angles)
  • Testing and calibration of lighting angle and solar energy
  • Drive and control units for the Actuators in AC and DC area
  • Communication with the Field Communication Distribution Panel
  • Currents and voltages

Equipment components:

  • 2 high-performance power supplies for solar applications up to 1000 V
  • AC and DC motors for positioning control
  • Safety control with programmable unit
  • Control unit for voltages up to 1500 V

Application examples:

  • Testing of electronic control assemblies
  • Testing of motor drive systems
  • Testing of power inverters
  • Testing of complex control cabinets