USB Test Board

The MCD USB Test Board has a segment display, 6 switches for setting options and a buzzer for triggering audio signals.

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USB Test Board Software

Download USB Demo Board Software (Trial version)

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Version 2013

USB Test Board

Download USB Test Board Manual

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Quick Guide
USB Test Board

Download Quick Guide USB Test Board

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  • Microchip PIC18F2550 Microprocessor
  • 8 LEDs
  • Buzzer
  • 6 individual adjustable switches
  • USB-Interface
  • Individual expendability when adding additional hardware
  • Analog/Digital Ports adjustable via Toolmonitor

With the switches, it is possible to switch back between remote and local operation.

Toolmonitor with

  • Operation panel for controlling the  LEDs and the Buzzers
  • Display of the switch position and analog inputs
  • Script Editor to drive the LEDs and the buzzer in their own processing scripts
  • Creating your own user interface for visualization and control of the MCD Demo Board

TestManager application with

  • Exemplary integration of the MCD Test Boards in their own test sequences

USB Test Board
Order number: 120735

Bilder USB Test Board