Digital Output card 32 channel

The MCD DOUT32OPTO is a 32-channel output card. The high voltage of outputs, which include PNP (high side source) drivers, is set by an external voltage. It can be used universally for stimulation of switching inputs.

  • Total output current channel 1-16 and 17-32 per 5 A
  • Switch outputs, short-circuit- and overload protected
  • Opto-decoupled up to 36V
  • External voltage possible
  • Controllable via MCD Bus
  • Reliable field-proven hardware
  • No additional hardware is required on the PC
  • Robust software drivers
  • Long-term secure investment
  • Easy and quick adjustment to specific applications
  • Design and development of MCD
Size Europe Card 3TE - 160mm / 100mm
Number of Outputs 32
Type of Outputs HighSide PNP
Output Level Internal voltage
External voltage 1
External voltage 2
+ 12V
10 - 36V for Channel 1..16
10 - 36V for Channel 17..32
Output Current 1 Channel
Internal Voltage
External Voltage 1
External Voltage 2
PNP: 700mA Source
Total Current <800mA
Total Current <5 A
Total Current <5 A
Interface Standard MCD Bus Interface
Output Protection Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Diagnosis Status and Overload Protection

Order number: 113406