Relay Switch 4x16-fold

The MCD RELMUX 4x16 card is equipped with 4 blocks x 16 relays. That way, universal configuration is possible. Basic configurations can easily be implemented through optional daughter boards.

  • Signal multiplexing up to max. 2A
  • Configurable 4x16, 2x32, 1x64
  • Connectable through flat cable connector
  • Universally applicable
  • Controllable via MCD Bus
  • Reliable field-proven hardware
  • Cost-relay switching technology
  • Robust software driver
  • Future-proof investment
  • Design and development of MCD
Size Europe card 3TE - 160mm / 100mm
Number of Channels 4 x 16 = 64 Closers
Operating Voltage
Current Consumption per Relay 10mA 12V
Current Consumption Control
5V internal generated via Regulators max. 64 x 10mA + 30mA = 670mA
Triggering MCD Bus
Addressing Begins with an even Address Occupies 2 consecutive Addresses
Max. Switching Current TYCO AXICON IM06 Relays 2A
Max. Switching Voltage 48V
Max. Switching Power 60W
Switching Time Relays < -5ms

Board RELMUX 4x16 V1.2
Order number: 115562