Universal Measurement System UMS1300 ME

The Universal Measurement System UMS1300 ME is a PC-controlled modular test system in 19” technology with application equipment. The programming is done by MCD programs using the integrated interpreter via a computer system with a multifunction card from Meilhaus Electronic.

UMS1300 with multifunctional card ME4670
Order number: UMS1300 ME-Set

UMS1300 with multifunctional card ME4680
Order number: UMS1300 ME-Set 80

... of Modul 1 Backplane

  • Number of channels: 4 independent channels
  • Resolution: 16bit
  • Time domain for output: 10μs – 22ms
  • Operating methods: Continuous, “Wrap around” and Timer > system – independent
  • D/A FIFO: 4670 – No, 4680 – Yes
  • Trigger input: optocoupler
  • 2 pcs. cross multiplexer 32x4, upgradeable to 4 pcs.
8 out of 32 or 32 on 8
12 out of 32 or 32 on12
16 out of 32 or 32 on 16
  • Switching multiplexer 16 channel/1A
  • Digital output 32 channel each 12V/0,7A
  • Digital input card 32 channel
  • 5 ADC channels
  • 4 DAC channels PushPull max. 0,3A Transmitter lead operation, arbitrary independent function (dependent on multifunction card)
  • Integrated current measurement 4 channel 10μA up to 8A
  • Different trigger inputs, opto-decoupled
  • Universal interface to extend multiplexing
    • ME4670 oder ME4680 multifunction card.
      This card also accepts the UMS1300 control
    • Direct multimeter connection with internal current voltage switching
    • External power supply for DUT
    • Connection for different test adaption


    3HU, 19“ plug-in unit, 480 mm depth

    Voltage supply:

    120/230 Volt AC 50/60 Hz

    Current Consumption:

    Approx. 2 Amp.


    • PCI board inside PC, version with galvanic isolation A-GND to PC-GND

    A/D part of Modul 1 Backplane Number of AD channels:

    • 15 single ended
    • Unipolar 2,5V to 10V
    • Bipolar +/- 2,5V up to 10V
    • Switchable as desired into groups of 4 with resistor divisor.


    16 Bit

    Total Sampling:

    Approx. 500kHz, FIFO on board, separate timer
    Approx. 100kHz with one sampling of 4 channels

    Input Resistance:

    ADC0…3:  > 10MΩ / approx. 20pF without input voltage divider

    ADC4…7:  approx. 1MΩ / approx. 20pF with input voltage divider 2:1 

    ADC8…14: approx. 200kΩ / 10nF with input voltage divider 2:1

    Trigger Module:

    Software or external, scan time 4μs – 23 minutes