MCD organizes 2nd Health Day

Published on: 04.07.2019 Category: Company Company

Impressions of the 2nd MCD Health Day

Already in 2017 MCD Elektronik organized the 1st Health Day at its headquarter of the testing specialist in Birkenfeld. As already announced by the management,this was not a one-time event, but one that will be repeated to give employees new incentives to take care of their health every day.

The 2nd MCD Health Day was therefore still under the motto "Invest in your health" and took place last Friday in and around MCD Elektronik's facility. Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. the employees were able to inform themselves at various stations about the different topics such as nutrition or foot health. For example, some tricks of the food industry with regard to sugar and sugar substitutes were uncovered or information about the relevance of a healthy foot was presented. For this, the gait of people was analysed and exercises were shown to improve foot health and prevent incorrect position, etc. It was also possible to get more information about the topic leg/foot health by screening his/her veins. Further stations offered additional practical instructions or tests to counteract possible weak points. The vaccination pass check provided employees with information about recommended vaccinations and travel medicine. Also the fun of "being fit" was not missing. The employees had a lot of it while testing their mobility and sense of balance on the balance board or while guessing food on the food parcours. The mineral water bar and fruit baskets throughout the house rounded up the program.

But that was not all - after the numerous information and tips at the health fair, it meant to get the head clear with different activities. Whether it was a cycling or hiking tour with colleagues, a cooking course with the topic "healthy barbecue", trial lesson in Tai Chi, table tennis or testing skill games and mental exercises, there was something available for everyone. At the end of a very informative day, the delicacies, which were prepared during the cooking course, were tested at a barbecue with all participants, who talked and laughed about the many experiences of the 2nd MCD Health Day until the evening.

MCD would like to thank the many participants as well as all participating exhibitors for the very interesting content and great ideas. We are already excited today, to reinvest in our health again in two years , the overall 3rd time at MCD.