Further Smart Home Project delivered

Published on: 02.06.2020 Category: Products Products

The PCB test systems for "Smart Home" devices are delivered with the MCD van.

Test systems from the MCD Elektronik GmbH are testing PCBs of a well-known manufacturer of heating systems which are controlled via the domestic WiFi network. One PCB is electronically tested and up to four PCBs are programmed with these systems that are now delivered to the ordering customer.

One year ago, a similar project was successfully completed. The new testers were developed for the next generation of control modules of heating systems. With the aid of these modules, they can not only communicate with the user's smartphone or tablet to regulate the room temperature remotely for example, but also notify the manufacturer of error messages directly. So remote diagnostics become the everyday life of heating installations due to these "Smart Home" devices. The importance to meet country-specific legal provisions for the strength and frequencies of ZigBee and WiFi signals, in a short testing time again were ensured.

For more information, see the project page.