Last distribution of the year 2020

Published on: 22.12.2020 Category: Products Products

Last distribution of the year 2020 went to Hungary

Shortly before Christmas, MCD was able to deliver a project to one of their customers in Hungary.

It is a FCT double adapter, which tests two boards asynchronously at the same time. With this system those boards get qualified for the use in infotainment Systems in cars.

Special attention in this project was given to the non-wired adapter, which contains a project specific PCB. This board includes 128 measurement channels, 32 relays, an RS232 level converter and an additional frequency divider.

Through the implemention of the non-wired adapter, project process times and costs can be lowered significantly. The adapter can be complemented differently and the error rate during the adapter building and reproductions is able to decrease to zero percent.

The testing includes the control of USB, Ethernet, A2B, video and audio interfaces. Functions, voltages, limit values, loads and data communication are monitored during the test process. In addition there is a tuner comparison and the reception is measured qualitatively. The system also includes a barcode scanner and the MCD Toolmonitors SerIO and USB Hub.