2022 starts with a further triumph

Published on: 18.02.2022 Category: Company Company

For the fifth consecutive time MCD belongs to the German innovational elite.

Only two months ago, the MCD Elektronik GmbH was honored as a "TOP 100 innovator" of the year 2021. The competition organizer compamedia GmbH communicated simultaneously, that future awardings will be performed at the beginning of the respective year with immediate effect.

And despite great time pressure and the continuing pandemic situation, the company from Birkenfeld is also in 2022 one of the most innovative middle-sized enterprises in Germany. A pronounced innovational sense, a positive climate of innovation and some process innovations led the top-level jury to award MCD for the fifth consecutive time with the popular trophy. In the middle of the year, the numerously cancelled "Deutscher Mittelstand-Summit" (7th Summit for German SMEs) is planned at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, where TOP 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar and TOP 100 moderator Linda Zervakis will honor the most innovative companies.

The whole MCD team is very happy about the TOP 100 award and will drive this momentum to fulfil the pending tasks of the new year.

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