Practical semester at MCD Elektronik GmbH

Published on: 21.04.2022 Category: Employees Employees

Ms. Anastasiya Yavorska actually absolves a five-monthly practical semester at MCD's.

Aspiring industrial engineer Ms. Anastasiya Yavorska is a part of the MCD team for the following five months. During her studies at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Pforzheim, Ms. Yavorska absolves a practical semester and gets to know about MCDs technical sales, project management, business development and software engineering.

Ms. Yavorska contributes her know-how in handling worldwide customers and sales processes by her course of studies about "Industrial Engineering International". For this reason, there are actually plans about her transfer to a working student and the supervisia of her bachelor thesis at MCD.

The whole MCD Team wishes a lot of fun and furthermore a lot of success!