"Girls' Day" visit of future junior employee

Published on: 27.04.2023 Category: Youth Promotion Youth Promotion

Ms Nele Szegedi used the "Girls' Day" to visit MCD.

At todays "Girls' Day", the young woman Ms Nele Szegedi was welcomed to have a look behind the scenes of the MCD Elektronik GmbH.

This "future day for girls" is a campaign for female pupils from school year 5 onwards to get to know about classical "male profession". Thereby, Ms Szegedi plunged into the world of measurement technology and visited the MCD departments "manufacturing" and "development". If she is currently not informing about (measurement) technology, she visits the 6th grade of the Edith-Stein Secondary School at Bretten.

The MCD team really hopes to be able to provide an interesting campaign day and to awake interest for future career choice. Furthermore a lot of fun and success for Nele Szegedi!